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Nous les arts offers exciting and fun activities centred on art, culture and creativity.

Our creative and educational workshops offer a complete formula where each participant leaves with a completed project.

All our workshops ensure a high level of quality from beginning to end in a lively and personalized approach.

Reading club - 2020 edition

Activities created specially for TD Summer Reading Club.

Fine Feathered Friends

Join us in our activity on birds and discover a fascinating and colorful world.

What a Wonderful World

The world around us is a grandiose universe where beauty and diversity are our greatest wealth. Travel with us around the world and learn all about some of our favourite destinations.

Option 1: Nunavut

Option 2: Australia

Option 3: Africa

Option 4: Brazil

Option 5: China

Option 5: A walk around the world

The magic of Harry Potter

Follow Harry Potter on the Marauder's map for an exciting adventure on potions, spells and beautiful magic wands!

Our Senses, Our Differences !

Universal Accessibility is highlighted every year in October. Join us for an activity celebrating the differences.


The trees that take root on our planet are works of art! They touch our lives in innumerable ways, from the air we breathe, to the wood that makes up our homes. The activities of this theme reveal, and help us better appreciate, the presence of trees in our lives.

Famous Artists

Art is essential in any culture. It unites people and helps us understand where we are from. Together we will discover the life and works of famous artists by creating works inspired by them.

Option 1: Jean-Paul Riopelle

Option 2: Pablo Picasso

Option 3: Emily Carr

Option 4: Vincent Van Gogh


Get ready, young secret agents, to learn the rudiments of espionage in our

TOP SECRET workshop !

World Book and Copyright Day

Special activities celebrating World Book and Copyright Day, 23 April.

Recycled paper and creative binding - My book, my creation! - My book bag!

Bing! Bang! BD… The Super Heroes!

Let your imagination run free and join us for an exciting adventure about super heroes.

Comic, adventure and crafts, all fun elements line up for a "super" activity!

Pumpkins and Spooks!

Let's go back in time and discuss the origins of Halloween.

Why do we decorate pumpkins? Who is the mysterious Jack’O Lantern?

We will find out together in our fun and creative Halloween activity.

Santa’s elves’ workshops!

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with the creation of different decorative and cheery projects that will brighten your home.

Christmas around the world

Following a presentation on the rituals and customs of Christmas around the world, the children will create a work of art on canvas using different mediums such as paint, paper and other decorative objects.

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